This is the gallery that proves we have beautiful and charming London escorts available at all prices. The girls you see here on this page are all available to you from just £150! We hesitate a little at first to call them cheap London escorts, simply because of the negative connotations such a phrase has. It’s time that this wasn’t so however. Because it really doesn’t matter that these girls only charge £150 an hour, they’re still incredibly good choices and all highly professional. All they’re doing it giving a cheaper option to those who can’t always afford the higher priced girls.

It’s very important not to put too much emphasis on price in this business anyway. Whilst an escort for £800 may be the best you could possibly get, some clients have had just as much fun with a £150 London escort. Spending nearly five times the amount on a more expensive girl does not always mean higher quality at all. It’s mostly subjective and we never represent bad girls!

Cheap London escort locations

You will find our cheap London escorts located all over Central London and the West End. And here’s the thing. Wherever you can find an expensive girl, you’ll usually be able to find a cheap London escort too! Hell, they may even be in the same apartment building. Expensive or inexpensive, they all have the same needs, and they’re all as discreet, neat and tidy as one another, regardless of how much money they get paid an hour!

You will find all the girls’ incall apartments to be spacious as well as clean and tidy, and with all the amenities and refreshments you’re likely to need. So there’s no difference there either. We’re guessing that you are sensing a pattern? And it’s not to do with some kind of imagined level of beauty either.

Beautiful cheap London escorts

As we already mentioned, it’s definitely a case of “different strokes for different folks” in the London escort industry. Most of the girls are actually models, or have been at some point in their lives. So they’re all very physically attractive. There aren’t many men who would kick them out of bed, put it that way! But they are all very different in their own unique way. Some of you like blonde London escorts, some of you like the brunette girls we have available all over London. Whatever your taste there’s an expensive escort and a cheap London escort for you. It’s up to you whether or not you let the price of them define your choice of date!

You shouldn’t really need any help choosing one of these bargain escorts from the gallery of course, but should you do, please feel free to call us anytime and we’ll do our best to help. We’re a friendly bunch here at Park Lane Escorts and all we want is for you to be happy… Oh, and we want to get paid too!