There are loads of escorts in London, and most of them are between £150-300 per hour. Which is why our gallery of £350 London escorts should interest you a little more. They’re a little above the average price of a girl these days, so they’re definitely worth taking a closer look at. What exactly ranks them higher than those girls who advertise their prices lower, we couldn’t quite say to be sure, but you sure could book one of them and find out for yourself. However, it's worth noting here that you will also find all our £300 escorts that offer outcall services. And this makes them £350 escorts!

We’re guessing that a £350 escort will be pretty much the same as a £300 girl, only she won’t be adding on the extra £50 for this or that. Whatever those extra fees might be of course. But just to be doubly sure, if you are the type of client who likes to get some extras with this escort date, make sure you discuss what you are expecting before you commence. We would hate for you to pay any of our £350 London escorts, only to later discover that something you wanted to do is not available to you later on.

Booking your £350 escorts

It’s no good asking us about what you want to do with your £350 escort, we’ll be honest. We could pass on messages for you of course, and we’re happy to do this. But it’s not going to be as effective as standing there in front of your chosen girl at the beginning of your date, and asking her yourself face to face.

They’re all high class companions at Park Lane, but at this price range they are a little more classy than the cheaper girls. Still £350 isn’t a lot to pay for the company of one of these beautiful young ladies now is it? If you think that it’s a lot of money, you probably shouldn’t be booking escorts anyway. Remember, if you have any questions, just call us and ask!