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London escort recruitment

Here at Park Lane Escorts we always have been a predominantly “high-end” London escort agency. What this means to different people is beyond us, but basically, we believe that most people think it means high price. This is not necessarily the case in our opinion, but we will not go into that here. What we would like to point out is that these days we are far more open to representing girls of any price on the website. We have girls for £150 in London, up to girls for £800+. Only this way can we offer the escort experiences that our clients are looking for. From girls of all different backgrounds, nationalities, appearance, and price.

First time London escorts

If you are interested in becoming an escort and listing with Park Lane Escorts, you could not have picked a better place. It is daunting becoming an escort for the first time and you never quite know what to expect. A lot of what is expected of you will be implied of course, but you need to understand that whatever you decide to do with your clients is your own choice, and yours alone. You should never feel pressure from a client, and you most certainly will never get any pressure or demands from us as your agent. An agent for an escort cannot put pressure on an girl they represent. This is tantamount to controlling prostitution, which is of course illegal in the UK. Escorting is however, perfectly legal as long as there is no coercion of control. If you are a girl being forced or coerced into becoming an escort in London, please do yourself a favour and break the pattern by going to the authorities.

Basically, we put your profile on the website, using the information you have provided us with. This will include pictures, statistics, a brief description (which we are happy to write for you) and your location (area, not address) We will market you in places that advertise London escorts and then you will get bookings. When you get a booking, we will notify you and check your availability. Once you agree to a booking and a time, we will send your client your address, or provide you with theirs. After which the rest is up to you. We will of course collect our commission from you later.

Park Lane Escorts

  • British owned and operated agency

  • Well established for over a decade

  • Trusted

  • Friendly
  • A good and regular client list

Already had representation?

Perhaps you are a London escort who has already been represented by another agency? Perhaps you are still being represented by other agencies, or you operate independently too? Either way, it does not matter. We love working with experienced girls. There is nothing like working with a tried and tested professional London escort who knows the score and is ready to just get on with the job. Simply fill out the form below with your details and some of your pictures (it does not matter if you use them for other sites too) and we’ll do the rest. We can have you a profile up and advertised on our social networks and in directories within 12 hours easily.

Your clients

Your clients will come from all walks of life. Whilst we cannot guarantee what all your clients will be like, we do know a huge percentage of them. This is what happens when you have been in business as long as we have. We are trusted by both clients and escorts. We are happy to report that all the clients we know are incredibly respectful gentlemen, and we rarely have a problem. They are consistent too, so with us you can expect quite regular bookings. And because we are mostly a high end agency, these guys have plenty of money to spend on you!

If you are concerned about your privacy at Park Lane Escort, you can review our Privacy Policy.

London escorts must
  • Over 18 years of age

  • Be physically attractive

  • Have at least a reasonable grasp of English

  • Have good quality clothes and the willingness to expand her wardrobe

  • Be available (preferably at short notice and until late)
  • Be prepared to travel to outcall bookings in London hotels and apartments

  • Be friendly, sociable and charming with her clients

What you get
  • Visit exciting places and have new experiences

  • An existing list of high-end clients ready to meet you

  • A great team ready to answer your questions 24 hours a day

  • Excellent marketing for your services across multiple platforms

  • Great rates of commission

  • Meet lots of new and exciting people

We are an incredibly friendly agency, and we like to have a good working relationship with the girls we represent. When you are represented by Park Lane Escorts, you can expect excellent, fair treatment, regular bookings and an honest and open relationship. We find that this is always the best way to do business with both our clients and the girls we represent. This way, we get what we want, our clients get what they want, and you get the same.

Arguably the best part of working with Park Lane Escorts is the fact that we have been around for a very long time, and have many loyal clients. They are always waiting for the new escort girls like yourself, and they know they can trust us to put them in touch with the best. You can expect the same.

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a London escort, get in touch with Park Lane Escorts at your convenience. We are a highly professional discreet and reasonable agency, and we are very much looking forward to meeting you!

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