RIP Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

It is with great sadness that we write this tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. She was without a doubt, a remarkable woman, who will pass into legend for her lengthy reign and her commitment to her role as our Queen. Thrust into her role at a young age, she never once wavered in her resolve to serve her county with dignity, humility and kindness. It seems that wherever she went in the world, she gladdened the hearts of all she met, and was the best possible representative for the United Kingdom.

The nation mourns the loss of its Queen, over the coming weeks, and in many ways it will take a lot of getting used to. King Charles III of course will do his best to slip seamlessly into his role, but the legacy his mother leaves is going to make it a tough job for him. Let us hope that he takes on the role with the same dignity and grace as our beloved Queen.

RIP Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Long Live King Charles III


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