The End of Office Workers

Is it the end of lunchtime bookings?

Now that we have a new way of life fast approaching, it’s getting harder to imagine a time in the future where things will go back to the way they were. It is becoming all too clear that many of the office workers that slaved away in their little cubes all day long, didn’t actually have to be there. It’s more a case of what normal was. AS a nation, we are electing to not return to the normal way of doing things, but this can have a serious effect on other areas of our lives.

Being among people is arguably the most important among them. Not that being among people helped productivity (in many cases is hampered it), but it certainly helped with our emotional well-being. Having the opportunity to speak to others in the workplace was all some people actually had as a social outlet in many cases. Workplace relationships often formed into friendships and more. We were forced into close proximity with these people, but it did show just how much we really needed one another.

A temporary solution to the problem

At least when you have worked from home for a significant period of time, you have been granted the chance to evaluate those relationships. You can make a decision about who you liked and who you didn’t. If there are people you have missed, you now have the chance to organise meeting up with them at other times. These times can be more of a social occasion than getting together at work. You can discuss work if you must, but we’re betting if you got along well with these people, it wasn’t work you were primarily concerned with.

No more office romance

And what about all those of you who like to have the occasional flirtation at work? What happens to the well known office romance? Plenty of couples who are still together today actually met at work. This will put an end to it. You can’t very well have an online office romance with someone when you’re sitting at home in your pyjamas!

This will mean a lot of sexual frustration as well as loneliness for many. You could try online dating and flirting via Facebook if you like, but you’re not going to have a lot of luck. And you may well land yourself in trouble if this was the type of thing you did in secret so your partner didn’t find out.

Don’t neglect your London escort hobby

So, this is an excellent time to indulge in your escort hobby. Believe us when we tell you that some of our high end London escorts have been greatly missing your company. They’re also going to continue to miss the company of those clients who are now going to continue working from home. It’s not the ideal situation for an escort, but at least these classy ladies will be extra excited to see you when you do manage to book with them.

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