The future of London escorting

The future of London escorting in 2021

The London escort industry is going through an uncertain, but it’s not one without a future. As a nation we will get through this, so we’re certainly going to survive here in London. The type of escorts we represent are always prepared, for pretty much anything. And the type of clients we have are equally as well prepared. We know that most of you are used to paying a premium fee for the company of one of our high class ladies, and it’s just as well that you do. Because in a time like this, you need to know that you’re dealing with highly professional escorts.

We are referring to the type of girls who don’t need to do back to back bookings on a daily basis. They charge a premium fee because they like to commit fully to their bookings and really enjoy themselves. These women get no enjoyment out of seeing as many clients as possible. It’s quality over quantity any day. What this means for our clients is that they can rest assured that the more expensive girls at the agency are not booked as often as cheaper girls. They don’t need the same number of bookings, so they have time to ensure they are prepared.

Cautious and professional high end ladies

The future is clearly with the high end escort industry, where the girls take excellent care of themselves and their environment. Most of the elite models you see on our website have their own personal cleaning staff and maids to take care of everything for them. If they don’t, they will always ensure that their apartments are clean and disinfected before each of their clients. It’s also worth remembering that sometimes these women will only see two or three clients a week, which isn’t much at all when you think about it. And this means that their risk of coming into contact with a Covid-19 carrier is significantly less than the girls who are much cheaper, at cheap escort agencies. Those girls, whilst still very good, see many more clients in order to make their living. London is not cheap for escorts, and they either have to see many clients, or see fewer and charge more. It’s just the way of the world.

Booking a high end escort is a safer bet

So if you have any concerns about booking escort services in London, it may well be a good idea to book one of our higher end girls. If you want some honest advice about who to book, and who is responsible, it’s best to contact us directly. We will always advise you in the best way we can. We know which girls are getting many bookings, and we keep in touch with most of them all the time anyway. It’s also worth adding that all the ladies you see at Park Lane Escorts are aware that they are able to book a Covid-19 test at any time by booking on the GOV.UK website. We have made sure that they are all aware of this. They are all bright as buttons anyway, so you can rest assured that if they think for a moment that they may have symptoms, they will be booking a test, and they will not be taking any bookings. If you present symptoms, please be responsible and do not book a girl.

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