The Perfect London Escort Valentine

Why would you want to have a second-rate Valentine date, when you can have a real one? And if you’re here on Park Lane Escorts website, you’re more than likely looking for something very special this Valentines Day. With an agency like ours, with the girls we represent, you’re never likely to have a second-rate escort experience, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Some of you have commented in the past that we only ever have expensive escorts at the agency. We choose to ignore this, most of the time, but the truth of the matter is that we don’t. We have quality escorts. Not necessarily expensive, just quality. And besides, you can get London escorts for as little as £150 at Park Lane Escorts. Not a lot of people know that, they just choose to see the expensive ones and think that’s what we’re all about.

You pay for quality

Now we’ve explained that you don’t necessarily have to pay a fortune for a quality escort, you can concentrate on your Valentine’s date. You could be absolutely loaded of course, in which case it won’t bother you a bit. But, let’s say for argument’s sake that you have yourself a budget for girls. If you choose one of the £150-£200 girls, or perhaps a little more at £300, you may well be able to take them out to dinner too. It starts to become expensive for some when you take the £600+ escorts out to dinner. But how much would you actually pay for the perfect Valentine’s Day date?

Once in a lifetime experience

You have to remember that when you book a date with a professional escort, one who really knows what she’s doing, it will indeed be a once in a lifetime experience. So why not push the boat out a little? An expensive restaurant is usually a very good one, let’s face it. So let’s talk budget. Let’s talk sensible budget. Forget about the escort for a moment. A good restaurant (the type you’d take a girl to) will cost you around £200-300 if you really want to impress. And you really want to impress on Valentine’s Day. We’re thinking somewhere like Mari Vanna in Knightsbridge perhaps. It’s a lovely restaurant and it’s very reasonable considering it’s location and it’s quality. There’s no reason to spend an absolute fortune in a pretentious place. We just know that our Russian escorts are going to love a date at Mari Vanna!

So, let’s say £300 for dinner. Now all you have to do is decide how much extra you want to pay for your girl. We would say that in order to pay for everything on your dream Valentine date, you should allow for £900-1000. Remember that you’ll remember this night for as long as you live. If you book a cheaper girl at only £300, you’re still going to have a load of cash left over to party like you mean it. Maybe a casino, a few bars, no restrictions on your choice of wine in the restaurant. Nothing to worry about.

How will you plan your Valentine’s Date?

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